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Harnessing the power of food for optimal mental health

Your brain consumes a whopping 20% of everything you eat! We’re here to make sure you’re getting enough of the vital nutrients you need to optimize your brain health, in addition to the known benefits of disease prevention, improvements in your overall fitness levels, sleep quality, and many more!

What we do

Personalized guidance and support

Everyone has their own unique motivations, preferences, and pre-existing conditions. We take all of that into account when we handcraft a nutrition program for you, all while making the offerings accessible.

Goal & habit tracking

See your progress for yourself! Your combined Chaya score captures improvements across all aspects of wellness, including your mood, sleep, and fitness.

Support at your fingertips

We want to make sure you are able to get feedback instantly – whether you’re at a grocery store and want to check the ingredient label or are unsatisfied with a recommended recipe, our team is always ready to help.

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Diet has a measurable and proven impact on health and longevity


Americans live with an anxiety disorder, making it the most common psychiatric disorder


increase in risk of developing an anxiety disorder for those who eat a Western diet full of processed foods


reduced risk of developing Alzheimer's for those with a higher Mediterranean diet score


of people treated for anxiety with medication or psychotherapy still experience symptoms

Two founders on a mission to redefine what it means to eat well.

Chaya originated from Katia's own journey during COVID. With her anxiety worsening, she was trying everything from speaking with an anxiety coach to downloading all the different meditation apps, mindfulness apps, fitness apps… the list goes on! She grew frustrated by the disjointed and impersonal wellness ecosystem and wanted a solution that provided a more holistic approach to her health.


Fast forward a few months to when Katia and Christina met in business school. Christina identified with many of the issues present in Katia's own journey, and together they set out to solve this broken narrative surrounding wellness.


It was through their nutrition course that they then uncovered the science behind food as medicine and nutritional psychology. They realized that nutrition is the core foundation needed to achieve all other aspects of wellbeing. Without a solid nutrition baseline, mood and mental health take a serious hit... not to mention the predisposition to disease it exposes us to. 


Katia & Christina were shocked by how most consumer offerings focused solely on weight loss and fad diets, but not on eating to be well. What's more, the information was inaccessible to the general public - you have to invest in prohibitively expensive classes or private sessions to get personalized and credible information on nutrition. Now, these two kickass founders are on a mission to make this crucial information accessible to everyone through Chaya's offerings.

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Our Story

“We believe that food is medicine. Instead of looking at food as a way to lose weight, we believe the focus should be on ensuring we have the right nutrients for optimal brain health and disease prevention. With Chaya, we aim to empower you with the insights and support you need to take back control of your health.”


Christina Nisell & Katia Tamer | Chaya co-founders

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